“Selfieitis” – a common term used to describe people who cannot resist the urge to take (and re-take) selfies, posting them on social media, often seeking attention and feeback. These individuals are often oblivious of their surroundings and are missing out on the world around them while attempting to capture that elusive perfect selfie.

This condition is worsening around the globe, as it’s becoming more difficult for the average person to escape selfieitis. Travel to any vacation destination and instead of seeing people taking actual pictures of the destination, you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded by people posing for, and uploading selfies non-stop.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include:

  • A large percentage of social media posts are selfies.
  • Fascination with filters, always searching for the one that makes the picture look the best.
  • Purchased (or are considering purchasing) a cell phone extension rod for taking better selfies.
  • Duckface syndrome is a frequently related side effect.

Treatment Options

If you or someone you know may be suffering from Selfieitis, treatment options include:

  • Do not ‘like’ or comment on selfies.  This only supports and encourages them to post more (and more…and more).
  • When eating out, invoke a ‘no cellphone’ rule, put all phones in the middle of the table, first one to grab their phone to take a picture, pays the bill.
  • If you’re out with someone and they’re in ‘selfie mode’, slowly sneak away, allowing them to realize how oblivious they are of the company around them.
  • Turn that camera the around. Embrace and enjoy the scenery on the other side of the lense.

What you can do to help

Share the various images on our meme page with anyone you know who may be affected. Leave a comment to show your support for the cause, or share your story of how the selfie epidemic has affected you.